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If you’re looking for training in Hypnotherapy, NLP or Coaching - Sorry you’re out of luck!
If you want to feel happier and less stressed -
You’re in the right place.

As you may know - I ran Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching courses for a very long time.
Then I realised something really important!
Truth is, most of the wonderful people studying with me didn’t actually want to be coaches or therapists!

They wanted things like -

  • more money
  • to fulfil their potential
  • a new challenge
  • more freedom or security
  • to make a positive difference

In a nut shell - they wanted to feel happier

Some of my graduates did go on to have successful careers as therapists and coaches.
Many did not.

Because once the course was over and they faced the reality of setting up as self employed coaches or therapist, it dawned on them, they didn’t really want that.
By studying with me they had achieved -

  • More happiness and fulfilment.
  • Better self esteem and more confidence.
  • Ways to manage stress and deal with adversity.
  • Ways to identity, clarify and achieve their goals.
  • Ways to improve and maintain mental health and emotional well-being.
  • All while connecting to a community of like minded supportive people.

I’m using my knowledge and experience to offer something even better than before.
Without the hassle of ‘training for a new career’ or the struggle of setting up a business.
(unless of course that’s what you really want to do - in which case this will help you!)
You can join me in a new endeavour.

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The horrible experience of mental and emotional distress are very real. More and more people are suffering. And for some they are getting far worse.

I believe we have been mislead about the best ways to feel better. So I offer the following information for you to consider. Information leads to knowledge. Knowledge is power. No one can be blamed for not knowing what they don’t know. When a person knows better they can do better.

A medicalised model of mental health has prevailed since the first SSRI (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor) drugs came on the market back in the late 1980’s. Since then increasingly emotional distress has been pathologised. Painful emotions have come to be regarded as symptoms in need of drug treatment. Rather than normal, if unpleasant, human reactions to abnormally stressful events and difficult circumstances.

Mental health awareness campaigns encourage people to seek help from their GP. These doctors are often overwhelmed and have little to offer except prescriptions.

Normal people with problems increasingly become patients assigned with mental health conditions.
Subtly we are encouraged to self diagnose. If we feel depressed - we may say we have (a mental health condition called) depression. If we feel anxious - we have (a mental health condition known as) anxiety.
Mental illness has been re-branded as mental health. Which sounds more palatable. Meaning many people do not realise the common ‘medications’ given out so freely, are in fact powerful mind altering psychiatric drugs with a range of side effects.


What if ….
What if …. there was nothing fundamentally wrong with you?
What if…. you accepted even your darkest feelings, are on the range of what is actually normal - even if far from nice? And that they can change and there is hope - that does not come in the form of a pill.
What if …. rather than suffering from a ‘mental health condition’ you are just a sensitive thinking feeling being, having a human experience?
What if …. there was real hope - real mental health help? Well I believe there is.

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John & Denise Collins

Denise is the author of 3 books, all available on Amazon:

“Master Your Mind Befriend Your Body” , “Where are the instructions?” & “Coaching at work - A practical guide to help busy managers achieve results”.

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