One Day Retreat

A day to change your life for good.

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Align your head and your heart
A one day retreat experience with Denise Collins

Imagine having the luxury of a whole day for yourself.
Imagine having the opportunity to step out of your everyday routine to deeply focus on what’s really important to you.

Imagine doing this in a nice environment with nurturing supportive company while being guided by Denise Collins herself, an expert with 20 years experience.

Retreat days take place at Prested Hall country house boutique hotel in Essex, led personally by Denise Collins.
There are a maximum of only 6 places (for women only) per day.

retreat venue

Typical Agenda For The Day

After arriving at 9.30am for tea / coffee and a catch up..

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10am - 1pm

10 am to 1pm we will retreat to the privacy of the library in the main hall, which will be our home from home for the day.

During the morning session, you will benefit from a variety of conscious mind coaching techniques. With Denise’s expert guidance, you will have plenty of time to explore your thoughts and ideas. To pay attention to how you feel and your emotions. To assess where you are in general, or in connection to a specific area of your life. To begin to look at how you want to improve or change things. What your goals are. What you want to achieve. And what you consider might be preventing you from being, doing or having what you want.


At 1pm we will break for a 2 hour leisurely lunch and during this lovely break there are various options.

You can choose the ‘lunch and swim’ option. Clear your mind and pamper your body in the pool, sauna and steam room, followed by a delicious lunch in the bistro. You might want to get outside in nature and enjoy some of the 75 acres of grounds that surround the hall.

Perhaps you’d rather enjoy an informal chat over lunch. Or to snuggle up on one of the sofas and just chill.

3pm - 6pm

At 3pm, Refreshed and nourished you will return to the sanctuary of the library for the afternoon session. During this intensive yet relaxed session Denise will show you how to harness the intuitive power of the unconscious mind and the heart centre.

This is where the alignment of head - conscious mind - intelligence - logic, and heart - unconscious mind - emotion and deep level desire begin to be truly aligned.


The day will conclude at 6pm. Time perhaps for a nice glass of something, while you reflect on the day.

When you do bid farewell and depart, it’s with the knowledge that you have not only aligned your own head and heart, but you have also played an important role in supporting and helping the others, who may become life long friends. As you leave it is with the knowledge you are taking all the many benefits gained from the unique experience, back into your life.

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