Denise Collins
MSc BSc (Hons)

Founder & Principal
The Hummingbird Effect Academy

I decided to share some of my story here, not so you feel sorry for me. But so you might be inspired and know that it is possible to improve your own life. It is possible to survive trauma and adversity, to build emotional resilience and authentic strength of mind.

– Denise Collins

Having hated her entire time at school, Denise escaped as soon as she could, with virtually no qualifications. Although considered intelligent, she had always struggled; to read, to spell, with maths and even with physical education.

Denise married for the first time aged just 18. Had her first child at 20. By the time she was 21 Denise was a single parent living on state benefits. Miserable, alone and feeling as if she had totally messed up her life, not for the first time she felt suicidal. Denise was first diagnosed with clinical depression at the age of 14.

denise collins about me
denise collins about me 2

After a tough love talk from her Dad, Denise decided to do ‘the best she could with what she had’. She looked for a way to use the brain she knew was in there somewhere. Via a series of co-incidences and the universe presenting opportunities that Denise grabbed with both hands, she discovered she could learn, if taught in the right ways. She discovered the world of self help and improvement. Which began a life long passion. Denise met and married her second husband John. They went on to have two children Phoebe and Liam.

Denise went on to gain a 2.1 honours degree and then a Master degree in coaching psychology. After a varied career in third sector organisations, she trained to be a therapist.

Along the way there were relationship ups and downs, financial struggles, bereavement, and estrangement.

Since the year 2000, Denise has run a busy private practice as a Hypnotherapist, Coach and NLP practitioner. She went on to establish The Hummingbird Effect Academy, designing and delivering accredited training for those wishing to become professional coaches and therapists. As well as for individuals and within corporate environments. Denise is the author of three books.

In addition to extensive professional experience gained from her on going studies, plus working with literally thousands of clients and students, Denise has lived experience gained from trauma, depression and the loss of John, her husband of 32 years. John’s death by suicide on 29th October 2018 shattered her world and changed everything.

She is establishing a campaign in memory of her husband; “John+11”. The reason behind the name is that when John died- the number of men ending their lives by suicide in the UK equated to 12 per day.

The campaign is focussed on

  • Raising awareness of the underlying causes of mental health problems.
  • Challenging the medicalised model of mental health and raising awareness of the potentially lethal side effects of the most commonly prescribed anti-depressant / anti-anxiety drugs.
denise collins about me 3

Denise has been described as amazing, inspiring, knowledgeable, caring, intelligent, stimulating, engaging, genuine, authentic and deeply passionate about helping others. Denise describes herself as a melancholic, slightly overweight, middle aged, working class woman, with dubious dress sense who drinks too much red wine and swears a lot.

"The key to your greatest success isn't logical. It's psychological"

– Denise Collins

Denise is the author of 3 books, all available on Amazon:

“Master Your Mind Befriend Your Body” , “Where are the instructions?” & “Coaching at work - A practical guide to help busy managers achieve results”.


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