I was doing quite well with my work on being happy now – then a memory popped up on my facebook feed from 2018 which sent me into a bit of a tail spin of sadness – I shared a little of how I was feeling on my facebook page.   “I can’t believe this … Read more

Basically it’s believing that you should always put a positive spin on all experiences, no matter how awful.  Positivity is obviously a good thing – and certainly better than negativity – so when does it become toxic? I believe when it’s emotionally invalidating. When it encourages the bypassing of authentic feelings.   And even when … Read more

It’s not my intention to offend anyone. I’m merely exploring what makes me happy now. I’m not advocating anyone else should do anything I’m trying out. Only you can decide what makes YOU happy. There are basically two broad types of happiness. In the past I’ve personally tended to focus perhaps too much on the … Read more

It’s 08.37am I’ve walked the dogs and had breakfast. Now I’m sitting in my garden. The sun is shining in a cloudless blue sky. The birds are singing. I’m sipping a latte and planning my day. First I have a coaching session with a client. An intelligent self taught deep thinker diagnosed with a personality … Read more

Let me start by explaining the title of this blog. Happy Now! can be asked as a question to ponder. Or when used as a phrase, it’s often sarcastic. I chose it for the following 3 reasons  First – I’ve been accused on more than one occasion of being sarcastic, so it’s fitting.  Second – I … Read more